March 22, 2007

Excuses 2

I guess having a blog means one should post every so often... I've just been so busy doing other things lately. Like looking for a bigger house (haven't found one yet), maintaining the other blog (which is hell of a lot more popular than this one it seems :-/), rock'n'rolling around Germany for a week or so, releasing records - these two:

The Indelicates Remodel

both of which are awesome. Not that I haven't been listening to other stuff though, of course I have - I always do. Sonya Cotton, Chris Maher, Yellow Fever all spring to mind, and shortly, given half a moment I will tell you more about these and more. And non-music things too.


hellosteffi said...

:O you were in germany? i was in berlin for about a week.... oh dear!

merrick said...

Hi, just to let you know I've linked to your blog from my MP3 blog, Dust On The Stylus

Found yours while googling for Groovin With Mr Bloe, so was pleased at the random coincidence that your little lad loves a Strawberry Switchblade song - I do their main fansite!