August 24, 2006

Building A Better Way: Music From The 1974 Chevrolet Announcement Film

HEA Productions | Building A Better Way

I stumbled over some MP3s from this a few years ago, and was astonished. Who'd have thought that the soundtrack for a film advertising a new car, produced by a company of corporate jingle makers would sound great? It does though... and I decided I needed to find the LP so that I could hear the rest. Googling led me to a copy with a $75 asking price, which is stupid (although many lesser albums with similar grooves go for much more), but then recently it turned up on eBay with a "buy it now" price of $15. Much more to my liking.

Highlights include the outer space opening of... 'Opening', the amazing 'Designing' which starts off like the theme from a blaxploitation flick, has an interlude that's all sci-fi and moogy, and a part with Beach Boys' style ba-ba-ba's, all sweet and sunshine; there's the great funky soul jazz of 'Proving', the mad moog-tinged big band psychedelia of 'Building' (my current fave)... and more. All of which have me wondering who the real people behind/playing on this record are. Anyone know?

HEA Productions | Building A Better Way

PS. Those of you who like this (or are into Chevies) might want to go here for a similarly themed album.


VRAI_SON said...

0 comment?
Damn, people are sleeping on this one.
This is a great LP.
I got a mp3 rip at 320 kbps, 2 Chevrolet albums from the same serie but I never seen this one...
Still looking for this LP, if you can help me (or someone else) find it, please, message me via my blog :

Pz, Bzpt

Sounds said...

Wonderful blog ,especially the bolly stuff (and thirdfloorblog)
Come visit for more American auto jingles ....