April 02, 2006


I've been debating with myself whether or not the sharity business is something I want to get into. This recent article doesn't make me feel any less self conscious about taking part, but seeing as I'm still trying to figure out WSBS's raison d'etre... The first in an infrequent series:

Velvet Underground | 1966

Some years back, in a rare instance of perfect synchronicity, I stumbled over this great Velvet Underground LP within days of being gobsmacked by the (edited) live improvisation 'Melody Laughter' on the 'Peel Slowly And See' box set. '1966' has an extended 27 minute (approx.) version, with a similar, just as great a track on the b-side. Both have since turned up elsewhere, in a variety of edits, mixes and places (including the Internet), but this 1981 LP was their first appearance in any form. It's the classic VU and Nico line-up at their prime; droning immaculately, defining noise as beauty. (And, trivia fans, it is also one of the few VU recordings available where Mo Tucker plays bass. Or so her Wikipedia write-up has it... but who's playing drums then?)

Velvet Underground | 1966

P.S. Punters may also want to check out Italian Raro Video's recently released DVD of Andy Warhol's film 'The Velvet Underground and Nico'.

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