November 06, 2006

This year it's got to be India maybe

I'm wondering if I should set up a new blog, dedicated entirely to sharing vintage Bollywood soundtracks from the 60s and 70s. See, I have this whole box full of them, some 150 LPs I reckon; a few of them drab but also loads of great, classic and sought after vinyl by the likes of R.D. Burman, Kalyanji Anandji, Shankar Jaikishan, Bappi Lahiri etc. I never bring myself to play them these days though, but I should, to remind myself which ones are good and which ones aren't (then I can get rid of the latter ;-)). I need some incentive, so I was thinking what if I made MP3s and put the LPs up for download, one or two a week maybe or whatever my schedule allows (we're talking a 2 year project here)... would there be any takers? Would there be any objections? (Undoubtedly, if they're properly and officially available elsewhere, but I've only seen dodgy two-fer reissues, often with tracks left out). And is anyone actually interested in Hindi soundtracks anymore?

R.D. Burman | Teesri Manzil

OK, test run: R.D. Burman's soundtrack to 'Teesri Manzil' from 1966. It was one of the first to fuse traditional Hindi song and instrumentation with jazz, rock 'n' roll and other Western styles, effectively kick starting a whole new era in Indian film music. To me it sounds amazing (check out the title music for starters); what do you think?

Rahul Dev Burman | Teesri Manzil (OST) <- link to external site


Superhelga said...

Mohammed Rafi is KING! and this soundtrack is such a treat. So thank you very much for sharing. And YES please make your bollywood-blog!! I will atleast be jumping for joy twice a week then. A box of 150 old records, sound like heaven.. Have any recomendations of recordlabels or onlinestores where you can buy vintage bollywoodrecordings? (vinyl)
Keep up the good work:)M

PC said...

Thanks :-) I'll probably have the Bollywood blog started within a couple of weeks (email me if you'd like me to let you know when).
The best place for Hindi vinyl is in fact eBay, although last I checked prices were running amok; much hyping, even of basically dull soundtracks, so tread with caution.
Two excellent samplers (also on vinyl) have recently been released by Bombay Connection Records; worth checking out.

Superhelga said...

The Bombay compils look brill! Thanks. No need to mail me, I´ll be dropping by occationally. Love the stuff you post.

deewani said...

Thanks for this brilliant recording! Amazing quality.

Anonymous said...

Please start that Hindi film music blog. Most of the soundtrack LPs I've tracked down are in lousy condition due to the heat and dust of their Indian homes. The CD reissues tend to leave out all the great dialogue and instrumental interludes. This one's a gem. I'm researching RD Burman at the moment. Your album posts would be doing a great service for the course I teach on 'Bollywood & Beyond' at the University of Auckland. Cheers