April 30, 2006


(Some songs that for whatever reason won't turn up on any CD-R compilation of mine but are still pretty damn good.)


I've been very much enjoying the highly innovative, wildy energetic and slightly bonkers noise-rockers cum performance artists Afrirampo from Osaka ever since I saw them live last summer. Here's a track from their self-titled mini-album on Gyuune Cassette; sadly out of print but I found one at not too high a price on eBay recently, about which I'm very pleased because I think maybe it's their best.

Afrirampo | Kekko

The Akon Compilation

A friend of mine recommended I buy the 1979 Akron Ohio compilation (on Stiff) we stumbled over in a Rotterdam 2nd hand store recently, and I did. Which was a mistake really, because the insert was missing, the vinyl wasn't coloured and the scratch 'n' sniff thingy on the cover was gone... but that's probably just me being a sad record collector type. More importantly though, much of the record was a bit crap, or dated at best. However not these two tracks; one by Jane Aire & The Belvederes whom I'd heard of but knew very little about, and one by The Waitresses who later joined the Ze stable and were always great. Cool stuff!

Jane Aire & The Belvederes | I'm An Actress
The Waitresses | Slide

More to come probably.


hellosteffi said...

You do CD-R compilations? Where, o where?

PC said...

nothing commercially (or officially) available of course...