October 19, 2006

My name is...

Bonde James Bonde

I more or less gave up on James Bond ca. 'The Spy Who Loved Me' (yeah I know, it's the fashionable opinion, who cares?) so it takes more than some new guy playing the role to get my attention. My old friend, Campinas (São Paulo) based DJ Andy Cumming mashing up baile-funk, electro and T. Rex riffs under the moniker Bonde James Bonde on the other hand, is very likely to. Listening to the results... I know I was right. They're great; check this out:

Bonde James Bonde | T Funk

There's more on the BJB MySpace. This is the kind of stuff you'll want to dance to after a Cansei De Ser Sexy gig. (You do go to Cansei De Ser Sexy gigs, don't you?)

1 comment:

Andy C said...

hey thanks for
a) the kind words
b) the plug

completely agree about the layouts, by the way, it's like trying to find the best from a piss poor selection. we need a pimp my blog programme.