March 30, 2006

Wonderful Copenhagen

Danish band

I cannot help but wonder what this lovely looking group, performing at a 1969 sexhibition in Copenhagen, sounded like. Who were they? Did they make any records? Are they still around? (Pictures from an old Swedish weekly, picked up in a thrift store in Stockholm).

March 28, 2006

One shot, two people, three laughs

Hopefully coming soon to a TV near you and me, 'Who's Toby?' might be the funniest British comedy-drama since 'The Office'. Made by WindowSlaws films, the people who gave us... well nothing that comes to mind actually save the odd music video, the series (all improvised) follows two young men, Aaron and Toby, on "their terribly important and life affirming gap year".

It has witty and insightful dialogue (lots), violence (some), a killer ringtone (one) and an extensive use of aaa's (plenty). I think it's brilliant, and I've only seen a handful of 30-second trailers. Take a look yourself, then call your local network. And if you are a network, what are you waiting for?

March 27, 2006


Been having fun lately with the great little DIY blues maker recently mentioned on my friend Andy's blog. It also reminded me of a wonderful blues primer that was doing the rounds a few years ago.

March 25, 2006

Teresa Teng

Teresa Teng

While waiting for me to find a proper use for the blog: Here, for all to enjoy, is a light garagy little number from an LP my dad bought way back when we lived in Singapore. I've learned that it's by one Teresa Teng, but I don't know the title of the song or when it's from, nor the title of the LP because it's all in Chinese... but I do know I've loved it since I first heard it.

Teresa Teng | High Green Mountain (aka Girl Of Ah Li Shan)

March 24, 2006

At some point in the process, I should probably figure out why I even need a blog...

The plan

Right, here's what I'm going to do: I will create blogs on several sites, post to all of them simultaneously, see which one gets read/commented on the most, and then delete the others. And if none of them gets read, I will say to myself "told you so". Good plan? Thought not...