November 21, 2006

Right now 3

Anne Bacheley: Can't really sing, can't really play, creates wonderful pop music. Contradictory? Of course not, it makes perfect sense. Anne Bacheley is the living embodiment of DIY indie spirit (in the good sense, because this isn't scene; it's the real, true, pure thing), she's got a guitar, an attitude and a heart full of great great songs. The rest is merely technique.

Anne Bacheley | Station Life EP

Six of her songs can be found on the 'Station Life EP', just released on Mimikaki. A numbered limited edition of 133 copies in a cool hand-made sleeve (mine's no. 001, a fact that pleases me much more than it sensibly should) so hurry if you want one. Which you will because it's fab, from the jagged, bouncy 'Good Luck Dear', via the shambling Sonic Youth-isms of 'Drive In The Dark', to the lovely nostalgia-tinged title track. And this, slighty reminiscent of 'Chelsea Girl' era Nico, only with added warmth:

Anne Bacheley | Lost Weekend

While waiting for your copy of the EP to arrive, have a glance at the video she's done for 'Good Luck Dear'. Then go download her previous recordings. Among them you'll find 'Mixtape Babies'; a sunny spring morning of a song, containing the sweetest of guitar solos.

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