December 30, 2006

Hits For Kids

It wasn't long after my son Jacob (now 3) started walking that I noticed how he'd suddenly drop everything and begin dancing to stuff I'd be playing on the stereo. So I started taking note of which songs, thus making him his first playlist (in the order in which he danced to them):

1. Cat Power | Living Proof
2. Montt Mardié | Highschool Drama
3. Bobbie Gentry | Greyhound Going Somewhere
4. Grapefruit & Bodybuilding | Introducing The Albatross
5. Kate Bush | Pi
6. Les Garçons | French Boy
7. Juliette Gréco | Accordéon
8. Ronnie Spector | Ode To L.A.
9. The Space Peacocks | Assassination City
10. Smoosh | I Would Go
11. Vanessa Paradis | Joe Le Taxi
12. Dexy's Midnight Runners | My Life In England (Part One)
13. ABC | Poison Arrow
14. Nina Simone | Bye Bye Blackbird
15. Strawberry Switchblade | Let Her Go

Obviously he loves his children's records as well, but he listens more than dances to those. I think he has very good taste. Check it out yourself.

Happy New Year!


hellosteffi said...

i love your son already, joe le taxi is also one of my favorite songs! haha

so, pc, i have a new website which is still under construction but make sure to check in once in a while to keep me on my toes:

greetings from rotterdam!

PC said...

I think Joe Le Taxi is great too :-)
Yup, I noticed your webiste when you changed your MySpace name... love the 'illustrator and girl' title :-)